• Commented on Trotskyite singularitarians for Monarchism! A political speculation.
    Congratulations: you've just created cyber-Mormonism....
  • Commented on The cult of justice
    I can't agree, but there are some who believe that retributive vengeance is not only a practical idea but a moral imperative. Haidt's work on the moral foundations of (American) liberals and conservatives places a much higher importance in Authority...
  • Commented on The cult of justice
    Well, first of all, 'believe'-->'believed'---there are no Sadducees left, their beliefs too tied-up with the Temple to survive its fall, and their lack of a life post-death being too harsh seeming for a people who saw no justice in this...
  • Commented on Fang Fuckers: some reflections (in a mirror)
    Margot Adler is evidently working on a book about the meaning of the vampire in modern society; it might be interesting as she generally writes well, and because she went from having read very few or no vampire novels to...
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