• Commented on Why I want Bitcoin to die in a fire
    This is a problem, but it goes way deeper than this. The BitCoin network itself is vulnerable to DDoS when it computes transactions. Bad mining nodes can insert spurious or incorrect transactions into the system; while they'll be caught and...
  • Commented on Why I want Bitcoin to die in a fire
    The BitCoin pattern of repeating peak-and-crash has some interesting implications. Let's say there's two types of buyers: True Believers and Speculators. The True Believers plan to buy and hold until the crypto-currency utopia comes true; the Speculators plan to sell...
  • Commented on Trust Me (I'm a kettle)
    Surely one consequence, if this becomes widespread, will be the final end of open wireless networks. Any unprotected network will be clogged with parasites to the point of uselessness. The surveillance implications are more disturbing than the botnets -- in...
  • Commented on The Anthropic Stupidity Hypothesis
    Very interesting. Here's a small addition -- we need a reliable source of the new, brilliant ideas for everyone to adopt, so there needs to be a steady supply of geniuses around. However, too many geniuses is a waste of...
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