• Commented on Trotskyite singularitarians for Monarchism! A political speculation.
    (Charlie, this conversation loops hugely... how do you handle really long threads). Guthrie in reply to me: Was the British Empire bad or Good? Well, that is a very long argument. A bunch of Angels? Get real. There were some...
  • Commented on Trotskyite singularitarians for Monarchism! A political speculation.
    Back to I think comment 16 and the main page. I'd argue the Victorian compromise was one that worked: with one proviso -- which I'm stealing from Moldbug -- that the education system of the time, by and large, led...
  • Commented on Catching a Blighty
    The experience of the Aussies was echoed in New Zealand with a couple of differences: a few more servicemen died and the Kiwis fought in Europe in WWII. One of the side effects of modern education is that no one...
  • Commented on I have a new book cover
    Charlie: pre-ordered. As a book. Unfortunately, from the US site: the UK and commonwealth versions are much nicer. In fact... I am looking forward to how you make vampires are creepy as you made unicorns....
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Apocalypse Codex
    Hi Charlie. Thanks for the thread. My Hebrew is not up the with the good Vicar Pete, but the gnostic stuff was amusing. And wrong, which is why it is amusing. On the Prosperity / Fundamentalists issue, the big error...
  • Commented on Press release
    Firstly, Charlie, thank you for the publishing schedule. I will therefore nag the local good bookshop (run by the University) at the requisite date or go to a UK net retailer, as it seems that the books will be out...
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