• Commented on Some news about the Hugo voters packet
    At least Baen is sane. I've already read Warbound, and my vote for it as #1 is a lock....
  • Commented on Some news about the Hugo voters packet
    Does Orbit even have a CLUE about that shortsighted decision hurting the authors' chances? I'm convinced that Seanan McGuire has been deprived of at least one hugo because PDFs are a bitch to handle on mobile devices....
  • Commented on Neptune's Brood: an excerpt
    In a related question, do you ever answer the question as to whether at least some of the crew in "Bit Rot" made it? The ending was ... ambiguous. Good story, though. Thank you....
  • Commented on A message from our UK sponsors (again)
    I think the Brit publishers need to get over this "windowed releases" crud. I know from a very reliable source that "Bloodline Feud" is already available on the back-channels, so all the delay does is cost them (and you) sales,...
  • Commented on Political failure modes and the beige dictatorship
    One other aspect about the corporate-government "symbiosis" you didn't mention was the STAFFs of the legislators. They are the people who really write the laws their purported masters pass. Consider the following essay: http://dailyreckoning.com/revolving-zombies/ about just how certain aspects of...
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