• Commented on Off the Map: Women in Science and Science Fiction
    Hi Joan. Your article reminded me about the transgendered neuroscientist I heard once - Ben Barres. After he transitioned to male, he got comments to the effect that he did much better scientific work than his sister (http://online.wsj.com/public/article/SB115274744775305134-d_SKq3_dwVeWH2_85LdpMoT_Y2w_20060811.html?mod=tff_main_tff_top<\h>). In my...
  • Commented on Thinking the unthinkable
    As a British person I really fear for the future if left in the hands of the current government. At times of global hardship surely it makes sense to foster closer ties with your neighbours rather than alienating yourself? (i.e....
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