• Commented on CMAP: "Why do you use Microsoft Word?"
    I used to think about writing a decent wordprocessor in Visual Basic for Applications (ie, as a giant word macro). That's probably the only way of replacing word in publishing - do it without them noticing. I suspect you couldn't...
  • Commented on Things publishers can't do (yet)
    You could use the 'Sibylline books' business model: at intervals, reduce the price, but delete parts of the book. You can have as many stages as you have the patience to do the continuity for. (I know Sibyl put up...
  • Commented on Happy Christmas! Here is a flame war in a can
    There is a serious paper by Leslie Lamport, published in the journal Foundations of Physics, arguing an ass really would starve to death if placed equidistant between two bales of hay:
  • Commented on Why Content Is a Public Good
    What do you think of flattr's model? ( It looks like it might work to me, although only if it were promoted by a big site like the guardian or someone....
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