• Commented on Marking time, more thoughts
    Jaron Lanier has a few thoughts in this area in "Who Owns The Future" http://www.amazon.com/Who-Owns-Future-Jaron-Lanier/dp/1451654960/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1375613520&sr=8-1&keywords=who+owns+the+future Lanier has some interesting thoughts on how the demonetization of information cut off the obvious path of those who lost their jobs going into the...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Apocalypse Codex
    Very much like the idea of Laundry as "Discworld". Gives you an amazing amount of freedom. Not that a novel about Bob's Millennial hip internet generation haxorgrrl PFY wouldn't be a lot of fun - but it reminds me of...
  • Commented on A message from our UK sponsors
    Any chance that this will one day be adapted to audiobook (if it hasn't already - audible seems to have most of your other works)? When I authenticated with Amazon.co.uk, my Australian region kicked in and the kindle version disappeared...
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