• Commented on Message for GISHWHES participants
    As someone who's helping someone else in their GISHWHES efforts it does seem a bit off to pester an author you don't know personally to do this. If I actually knew the author (as in was on first name terms...
  • Commented on A nation of slaves
    I find it odd for a Tory to be calling for full employment - its not in the interest of capital. Full employment tends to push wages up, and decreases fear of unemployment which can lead to increased workforce militancy....
  • Commented on Making history personal
    Not counting remains of buildings, probably either the Tower of London or St Alban's Cathedral (both buildings dating to around 1070). Slept in - having more difficulty with this one. Probably 17th or 18th Century former stately home. Its totally...
  • Commented on What have we learned?
    I've learned that things can get worse than I thought... I've also learned that if you keep people reasonably happy most of the time and if they buy into your propaganda, then they'll put up with almost anything, even if...
  • Commented on Obituaries
    Two things come to mind - given I was born in 1980 I don't remember that much. 1) Being confused at a very young age that men could be prime minister (after seeing some film in which a child's father...
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