• Commented on What's The Future For Virtual Reality Movies?
    This is all very interesting but I'm curious as to when the hardware goes mainstream. I looked at Occulus' Rift the other day but it was $300 for a dev kit. Their actual release hasn't happened and based on images...
  • Commented on Do Zimboes dream of Electric Sheep?
    My understanding of Dennett's argument is that it is partially an argument against those philosophers and cognitive scientists that, protests aside, essentially believe in an "essence" of consciousness that is more than just the processes of the brain, whether it...
  • Commented on Why I Do Self-Publish
    For those that talk about hating reading in a screen (while doing it here...), I still strongly suggest e-ink readers like the Kindle or Kobo. I read almost exclusively ebooks they days but I wouldn't do that if I was...
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