Tim McCormack

Tim McCormack

  • Commented on Your name in lights
    Or we can just comment here on a semi-regular basis in the hopes that our names will tickle your subconscious. :-D...
  • Commented on The myth of the starship
    Here's a little more about the phase diagram for carbon, and the regions of instability for diamond: http://dao.mit.edu/8.231/carbon_phase_diagram.jpg Of course, the other important piece of information is the velocity of the phase change, which I don't know....
  • Commented on Annoyed
    Craig, Stephen: My comment @31 was not really intended to further the "OMG why would you do such a thing" discussion, though it appears to have done just that. It was more to say that I found the premise distracting,...
  • Commented on Annoyed
    I think everyone was distracted by the arbitrariness of the scenario. Why would a civilization that could send a robot probe care if they could survive on a random location on a planet, with no technology, and no brain? Sorry,...
  • Commented on And the beat goes on ...
    As @ben noted, tablets won't get a leg up on ebook readers until they have ambient light displays. I can partially close my laptop to shield it from the sun, but non-folding tablets are completely at the mercy of the...
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