Martin H

Martin H

  • Commented on Happy Halloween!
    Griswold v. Connecticut?
  • Commented on I get book covers
    Wordery works for me as a non-Amazon option (and has free international delivery). I do slightly worry that their business plan is to set up an online bookshop and then sell it to Amazon for a large fortune as and...
  • Commented on Introducing new guest blogger: Genevieve Cogman
    Wordery has it and ships anywhere for free. And they're not Am*z*n....
  • Commented on Ask the Author
    Ok, this makes me feel a bit silly asking, but I'm guessing I'm not the only one... how should your wife's name be pronounced?...
  • Commented on Let's put the future behind us
    The production of concrete produces vast amounts of CO2 in the first place (5% or so of all man-made CO2 apparently), so not really a winner I'm afraid....
  • Commented on A message from our sponsors
    There's an obvious solution to this - RoboStross! I'm sure the required skill sets are available here to crowd-source a realistic(ish) talking, signing teleoperated simulacrum. Think of the savings - ship it surface mail, spends the night in a cupboard...
  • Commented on Forthcoming UK Audio Books
    As a resident of Catford and fan of public transport I'd take issue with that! Though I suppose it depends on your definition of "a bit of a slog". Catford's sort of halfway-ish between the middle and the edge of...
  • Commented on Forthcoming UK Audio Books
    Totally agree re USian accents reading UK set books - I'm a Brit! Point is, see Jimbo's post at 28 - I'm assuming that the Canadian version is the same as the US, i.e. an Englishman reading in an English...
  • Commented on Forthcoming UK Audio Books
    Thanks. So I'm not so clear what Charlie meant when he said "And you can probably guess why the UK publisher doesn't want to simply re-use the American-narrator US audio edition in the UK market.". Is the US publisher really...
  • Commented on Forthcoming UK Audio Books
    Bit confused. What accent are the US Laundry books read in? Jimbo at #9 seems to be saying it's an English accent, but everyone else seems to be assuming otherwise. Out of interest, does anyone have a ballpark figure for...
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