• Commented on "The next big thing"
    The sudden profusion of dinosaur porn would seem to indicate that following micro-genres is profitable for those with practically-zero turnaround and audiences that don't demand the same QA that yours does. Of course, more profitable if you were the one...
  • Commented on Why I want Bitcoin to die in a fire
    But what about dogecoin? so crypto, very currency. such wow. Seriously though, as a non-libertarian non-BTC-owner, I have to disagree with most of your points other than the deflationary aspect. It's a killer point and very important that more people...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: Glasshouse
    I can see why it doesn't sell well though; it does require the reader to be extremely well-read across a diverse range of fields to get the most from the book. There are so many things to miss, the lack...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: Glasshouse
    Well, shit. Glasshouse is by far my favourite of yours and I'd dearly love to see, if not a sequel, further exploration of the ideas in it....
  • Commented on The language of alienation
    "Greek IPO cancelled after Spain trims dividend projections on fears of hostile futures manipulations by competing olive producers." "Supreme Court rejects Google bid to marry Facebook for taxation, data-sharing rights; union recognised only in Delaware." "Army defends installation of IO...
  • Commented on The language of alienation
    "Three-child policy compliance rates falling for third consecutive year." "Ecoterrorism trial update: Monsanto granted immunity in exchange for testimony against Shell." "ISPs arguing against class-action status for pain & suffering suit after undetected network partition causes consciousness divergence for 4.3M...
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