• Commented on Unforeseen Consequences and that 1929 vibe
    Amino acids come in stereo-isomers, so there is a left handed and right handed version of each. Most terrestrial life uses the left-handed isomer. If you remember the trytophan scare (and ban in the US in 1990), the cause was...
  • Commented on "Yes, but what are your <em>credentials</em>, Mr Stross?"
    @145, When the lay person in the street has a consistently better record than the "experts", credentials don't seem to be worth a whole lot in that particular subject. This reminds me of an essay by Paul Graham, with the...
  • Commented on Obsolete existential threats #1: The Bomb
    The Japanese government had a choice: (a) surrender to the USSR under Stalin, (b) surrender to the USA, or (c) be nuked repeatedly and then invaded by everyone. Being only 90% batshit insane, they eventually did the sensible thing....
  • Commented on Remember to vote
    Based on Duverger's law, first past the post voting systems will devolve into a 2 party political system - that's where the stable attractors are. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duverger%27s_law The Tories would be interested in promoting such a system because that would effectively...
  • Commented on Interdependency
    @29, That would have been GM, and it was a couple years after I quit working for them. The company had gone to "just in time" because that is what the Japanese manufacturers did, and anything Japanese became a business...
  • Commented on Doing it wrong
    What about fingerprints, are they identical for clones? One can examine that hypothesis with identical twins - who are effectively clones of each other: they have different prints....
  • Commented on Scared now.
    Why no corners in the bedroom? Is it to make things harder for the many angled ones to hide?...
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