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    Gah. Swallowed up by the moderation queue due to the linkage. So, without the links: The CMS puts last-year healthcare costs at 27.9% (1999 figure) of the total lifetime expenditures. The Netherlands seem to be massively lower, at 10% overall...
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    According to the CMS (a US government agency), it's around 28%, not 50%. It's 10% in the Netherlands (well, based on the abstract, anyway). Here is an interesting chart, though. You want T13.3, which puts the UK costs at 28.9%...
  • Commented on Books I will not write #4: Space Pirates of KPMG
    There are a couple of points I'm confused about, when it comes to the volunteer space auditors. 1) Pirates can only operate at sub-light speeds. FTL would scramble their entangled particles, and make the whole undertaking pointless. 2) Pirates can...
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    I think what's missing from the Kremlin discussion are visual aids. this is a pretty good shot of the centre of the complex, the Red Square. Note I said "centre" -- there is a whole lot more around. (photo is...
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    Charlie, to pick up on your brief mention of your views of nuclear energy... I recently had the opportunity to interview the author of a report titled "Nuclear Energy and Global Governance to 2030: An Action Plan". The main points...
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