• Commented on Over-Extended Metaphor for the day
    Due to another piece I'm currently writing, I read this entire article in Cate Blanchett's Galadriel opening-narration voice, and it works surprisingly well. Much that once was open-source is now closed, for none now live who can hack it; and...
  • Commented on Polemic: how readers will discover books in future
    > Feral books will stalk readers, sneak into their ebook libraries, and leap out to ambush them A wild NOVEL appears! Novel used INITIAL CHAPTER FREE TO DOWNLOAD! (It's super effective.)...
  • Commented on Time tourism: some reaction shots
    I read an utterly terrible webcomic in which the female time-traveller protagonist gets pregnant by Kurt Cobain, then dumps the resultant offspring in the future where he becomes a famous neo-musician for no adequately explained reason. So it does happen,...
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