• Commented on App store annoyances
    " I'm pretty sure a similar but disjoint set of gripes exist for the Windows Mobile app store." Actually, no. I'm a happy WP user who recently upgraded from an older high-end model to a newer cheapie model when the...
  • Commented on Vacation
    If you're at all inclined towards doing anything outdoors, Wekiwa Springs is beautiful and very un-touristy....
  • Commented on Yet another bad idea
    He might have a challenger in the primary. http://www.theonion.com/video/after-obama-victory-shrieking-whitehot-sphere-of-p,30284/...
  • Commented on Another deceptively simple question
    "What do you think books will look like in 2033?" Whatever the NSA wants them to look like, I suppose. Given the relentless technological progress of the security state, by 2033 books will read you....
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