• Commented on A nation of slaves
    I have to agree with Charlie on this 100%, I'm a software developer working for a consulting company and 100% of my work for the last 2 years could be best described as putting office girls out of work. Businesses(or...
  • Commented on Why I want Bitcoin to die in a fire
    Did the bank BUY the bitcoins off him or something? The problem, from an investor's standpoint, with bitcoins is that you can only "turn" it into real money by convincing someone to buy your bitcoins FOR real money. He sold...
  • Commented on Why I want Bitcoin to die in a fire
    RE:It's not Bitcoin; it's a different type of cryptocurrency, designed to promote a different political agenda -- intsterstellar colonization in a no-FTL, no-relativistic-travel universe. I think you're wrong about your own book Charlie, I am 99% certain that the word...
  • Commented on Speaking of book covers ...
    Didn't Jim Baen famously say that the awfulness of his covers was directly correlated with the sales of his books? I know it worked for me. Half of my Baen books are kept hidden in case my friends might see...
  • Commented on Do Zimboes dream of Electric Sheep?
    Peter Watts covered this territory in detail in Blindsight, with the Vampires(and the aliens)being non-sentient, but more intelligent due to not having to waste processing power on consciousness....
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