• Commented on Escape from the planet of the Ice Giants
    I discovered your writing when Rule 34 came out and have been reading your books at a fairly regular pace since then. All I have left is the last 2 Laundry novels. When I finished those within a few months...
  • Commented on In which I am crabby about viral archery videos.
    OK, I didn't notice this was NOT a post by Charles Stross at first and this sentence, "as somebody who's written three novels with a Mongol archer as a protagonist", caused way too much confusion. Was I missing something in...
  • Commented on Some news about the Hugo voters packet
    I'm one of those people that started voting for the Hugo's when I found out about the Hugo packet. I'm a bit disappointed with the way the novels turned out for the packet this year but it's not a huge...
  • Commented on Blatant Advertising
    >A book of that title, in a near future setting, may eventually surface -- but not until >I've completed the current batch of 6 other novels and written the rest of >"Palimpsest" (which I'm aiming to be my biggest high-concept...
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