• Commented on Message for GISHWHES participants
    There's a clear update on about harassing people. If somebody's being a dick in private email, report it....
  • Commented on Loncon 3: Charlie's worldcon schedule
    "In answer to jonathan.lennox42, I will be a panellist on The Ruling Party." And if I'm not needed elsewhere and nobody else grabs it first, I may be sitting behind the sound board ;) I'm currently pondering just how much...
  • Commented on The prospects of the Space and Freedom Party reconsidered in light of the crisis of 21st century capitalism
    The biggest problem with the idea of "steal all that wealth from the rich people" is not that it's manifestly unfair, nor that's it's ultimately self-defeating in that you create a strong incentive to not become rich and hence idolise...
  • Commented on A nation of slaves
    So why, do you think, is it the unemployed person who gets blamed for this? The first question that comes to mind is: "why do you think the unemployed person is blamed for this?" And then we immediately come to......
  • Commented on A nation of slaves
    I'm not up to analysing the complex questions of social dynamics around low-productivity individuals right now, so I'm just going to jump on one bit of misinformation before it gets out of hand. The headline claim of "full employment" does...
  • Commented on Sitrep
    And to get back on topic: "Damn, caught! Better make myself look big."...
  • Commented on Sitrep
    Solving the housing crisis is easy, to the first-order approximation: build another million houses. That's an economic activity that pays for itself and would mop up unemployment overnight. I could write a long essay on why we aren't doing it....
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