• Commented on Empire Games (and Merchant Princes): the inevitable spoiler thread!
    The bobbles are still subject to gravity. I assumed that the bobble would be oriented with the heaviest content at the bottom but since no time passed in the bobble external gravity would affect the bobble contents only by keeping...
  • Commented on The Ferguson Question
    A connection in the UK between fire extinguishers and the police state. Around the turn of the century I was on a fire officer training course at Leeds University. Part of the course was a practical session outside using the...
  • Commented on App store annoyances
    I have a different complaint about the Apple App Store. The search facility is very poor. As an example I use an excellent workout logger called Gym Buddy. If you search for "Gym Buddy" in the App Store you get...
  • Commented on Implications
    I read Hornblower long before Patrick O'Brian and expected to feel as you do. But O'Brian was far superior as a world builder. The level of detail is much deeper, the characters are human. There is much more wit in...
  • Commented on Dear Google, am I pregnant?
    My medical records are now theoretically available to anyone who can pay enough to search them out. But I can't see them myself. Theoretically anyone can apply to see their own records but the record holders can censor them first....
  • Commented on Sitrep
    Manchester and Birmingham are too crowded to be capital cities. Leeds or maybe Harrogate would be a better bet....
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