• Commented on Service update
    A meta-referendum, eh? I vote yes! As an English person with no skin in the game I find the whole independence thing very interesting (as in we live in 'interesting times'), and the comments last time were refreshingly insightful, and...
  • Commented on A message from our sponsors
    A new Laundry Files book! How did I not know about that? Anyway, totally sold, can't wait to see your take on vampires. Is the only option for reading in Marvin to buy the Kindle edition from Amazon, get file...
  • Commented on Can We Avoid a Surveillance State Dystopia?
    "Every year that goes by without another 9/11..." I certainly don't think 9/11 was an inside job, but I'm sure the more repressive & authoritarian factions in power aren't averse to some less spectacular false flag operations to keep the...
  • Commented on Introducing ... Death Knight Love Story, evolution of Machinima
    Not bad. A bit cheesy, but great voices. Not sure about the (thankfully brief) death knight sex, probably doesn't help that I really don't like anything to do with death knights, and WoW graphics are really starting to show their...
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