Andrew Burday

Andrew Burday

  • Commented on Crass commercial interlude
    Way off topic, but I just realized... a civil defense pamphlet from 1980 called "Protect and Survive"? That has to be where Discharge got the title "Protest and Survive", right? Yes, I do realize that I am probably the last...
  • Commented on Lighting up again
    Well, I have been dogsitting a ten month old labrador puppy for the last week, so I imagine Charlie trotting smartly along on a clear path when suddenly squirrel Squirrel SQUIRREL oh my god must catch the -- stick! STICK!...
  • Commented on April Fools Day is Cancelled this Year.
    Charlie, you win April 1 so far as I'm concerned. Almost all April Fools jokes require the reader to remember it's April 1 (or forget, and become the butt of the joke). You came up with an April Fools joke...
  • Commented on A hypothesis
    "the directive only applies to aircraft with certain types of SATCOM antenna, and from what I've heard the aircraft in question did not have that type of antenna" The Guardian has a report from Reuters confirming this. Of course...
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