• Commented on The Nightmare Stacks: US Launch
    Listened via audible, enjoyed it immensely. Gives me a happy distraction from the mess in the UK given Brexit. Now wondering about the fallout and whether we see the laundry verse prime minister resigning , the opposition and government going...
  • Commented on Cloud cuckoo politics
    When I first read this , I thought it was a spoof, surely even Mr Cameron would understand with no encryption, no e commercial e, banking, government etc. If he really is that unaware perhaps he should lie down in...
  • Commented on Spoiler Thread
    Nice theory, allows for the possibility of Angleton making a reapperance later down the line. However it would suggest that either, Basil or George and Angleton were colluding and this seems unlikely or that there is some deeper level of...
  • Commented on The Rhesus Chart: Chapter One
    Thank you for a very addictive series and also releasing the excellent first chapter. Have pre-ordered and now challenging my patience, however does give me time to try to anticipate/savor the plot. Some idle speculation/predictions while I wait. 1) The...
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