• Commented on Sometimes I hate being right
    Are psychopaths and sociopaths made or born? There were some studies recently that compared the experience of childhood abuse as resulting in similar long-term changes in the brain as PTSD in soldiers. Anti-social behavior is also linked to heavy metal...
  • Commented on Lies and lying liars
    At the risk of being difficult, this is why CAPTCHAS were invented. This is probably a drive-by spambot that sniffs out "contact me" links on any blog it can find, so there isn't even a human behind it to be...
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    It seems to me that a huge aspect of the nuclear technology problem is path dependency: civilian reactor design was derived from military reactor design, and so inherited a host of engineering requirements and tradeoffs of which safety and robustness...
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    Since you yanked comments on the previous post, here's the pithy comment I wanted to make: Hey Charlie, I hope this doesn't mean you have to re-write the sequel to halting state again....
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