• Commented on The World of Tomorrow
    How I wish we could up-vote the comments. Threading would be nice too....
  • Commented on The World of Tomorrow
    Something to consider - specialization for the kinds of technologies being mentioned require an ever broadening base of infrastructure capacities, which can only occur with an increasing population and a growing economy. I think thirty years' hence we will have...
  • Commented on Some notes on the worst-case scenario
    The Green Revolution is predicated on continuing access to cheap oil too. Diesel for the equipment, and other oil derivatives for the fertilizers and pesticides. Both of these last two will need to be used more and more as AGW...
  • Commented on Writer, Interrupted
    "...pour another mug of tea..." was the most important part of that entry....
  • Commented on What are you reading this summer?
    The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan - Kim Barker. On the inanity of the enormous sums of money spent in pursuit of our 'War on Terror' and how we really have no clue what to do in...
  • Commented on Drink Me: The Horror Hotel Story, and Where Ideas Come From
    Sorry - Kameron!...
  • Commented on Drink Me: The Horror Hotel Story, and Where Ideas Come From
    Charlie - you clearly stay at a better class of hotel than I do....
  • Commented on The referendum question
    The problem here is that the States don't get to bear the full responsibility of their actions. The Feds will bail them out if necessary and for which they take a chunk of change to boot. Example: NC denies AGW...
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