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    You may be right that they were complaining about the older backscatter technology. However, as a friend of mine (who is a retired radiologist) pointed out, the the millimeter wave technology is classified by WHO as possibly carcinogenic to humans....
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    Re: the goddamned scanners. I've gotten my chiropractor to write me a note that says I have rotator cuff injury, and I can't lift my arm high enough to be scanned properly. Since there's a medical exemption to the scanner,...
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    Although I share your worries, I've been heartened at how incompetent the Trump advisors seem to be. They're stumbling over each other, stabbing each other in the back, and then leaking their anger and frustration to the press and to...
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    Lee Smolin & Roberto Mangabeira Unger: "The Singular Universe and the Reality of Time." Not for the faint of heart. It's interesting that Smolin states that the two big unanswered questions of Science are: What is the origin of the...
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    1. The evolution of energy sources and consumption starting before the Industrial Revolution; evolving into the 20th Century energy boom; the great crash that followed the exhaustion of energy resources; the 150 years of turmoil and economic depression that followed....
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    I put the blame for the failure of YES firmly on Salmond's shoulders, Charlie. He couldn't close the deal. Well, of course the NO side would be putting out scare stories. He should have been able to deal with them...
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    As a Yank, I don't have horse in this race, Charlie, but I'm a shocked that no one on either side of your border has been doing any real planning for what will happen if Scotland votes yes for independence....
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