• Commented on On the Great Filter, existential threats, and griefers
    Is the reason for the Fermi Paradox actually the Fermi Paradox itself? To put it another way: is Moral Philosophy an emergent property of consciousness? By the Golden Rule (do unto others...) there is a terrible price to pay for...
  • Commented on Martial arts and the cycle of bullshit
    "When you say that the practitioner can defeat 90% of the people he encounters, I have to wonder how you know that. In what fights has this training been tested? Because it’s not easy to be able to defeat 90%...
  • Commented on Martial arts and the cycle of bullshit
    Tricia Thanks for contributing this, and I look forward to your dissection of martial arts in popular media. There are too few genuine practitioners contributing to that media. However I have to say I'm disturbed by the tenor of the...
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