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Melanie the Tongueless

  • Commented on Happy 21st Century!
    Adding to this, for emphasis/clarification - Also bear in mind that if you don't hear the dog whistles you're not directly targeted by them, and you have the privileged position of being able to ignore/deny how bad this shit is....
  • Commented on Placeholder? Placeholder!
    Considering such an encounter, something in me wants to do a Sally-style fake orgasm from "When Harry Met Sally" Yeah, that's really dating me......
  • Commented on Towards a taxonomy of cliches in Space Opera
    More on language, from a self-confessed amateur language-geek. Non-comprehensive, because I'm absolutely fallible. Language and culture have a symbiotic relationship - but the exact details are going to differ from region to region. I will privilege sound/pronunciation based language systems...
  • Commented on Update
    Aw, sweet! They promise elegance along with power! But I fear you're right about my jurisdiction's view on personal ownership of a flamethrower... European levels of population density would result in about 100 calls to the police if I let...
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