Gerhard Tiefenbacher

Gerhard Tiefenbacher

  • Commented on A purely theoretical dilemma
    Short answer: I would prefer to die than live in a hive mind....
  • Commented on Book Launch
    Will there be a Kettenkrad in it?...
  • Commented on Escape from the planet of the Ice Giants
    Your year sounds like a busy one! Would the surprise be a space opera? I hope so, you do them so well.After macro economics in your last one, I am looking forward to your next. Follow your muse - and...
  • Commented on The Curse of Laundry
    You know, once is happenstance, twice is enemy action. The real Laundry ist after you, destroying your credibility....
  • Commented on Parallel Reconstruction and the new Stasi
    The repeal of the HRA is contrary to EU law, the Court would strike this down. GB should get rid of this government and this PM, asap....
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