• Commented on "Tomorrow belongs to me"
    Argh. I had intended for "There will be no renegotiation." to be emphasized....
  • Commented on "Tomorrow belongs to me"
    A number of comments above have suggested that the UK can avoid starting the Article 50 process, or that a way can be finessed so that Leave does not actually mean leave. In addition to statements by current PM Cameron,...
  • Commented on The unspeakable truth
    "D.C. is very deliberately not a state, and was carved out of two other states which voluntarily gave up land to form a federal governing district that is Constitutionally mandated to be controlled by Congress." The US Constitution (Article I,...
  • Commented on The unspeakable truth
    How quickly could another Scottish referendum follow Brexit? I would expect that to zip right to the top of the agenda in Holyrood. Given that Scotland would have accepted all of the acquis, I also think that EU accession could...
  • Commented on Not a Manifesto
    Have you read "The Prince of Gosplan" by Viktor Pelevin? It's a day at Gosplan, reimagined as an Infocomm text adventure game. Unless it's vice versa....
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