• Commented on "You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" 2017 continued.
    ...Night Sessions anyone? Жаль только жить в эту пору прекрасную уж не придется ни мне, ни тебе....
  • Commented on Thoughtcrime
    I bought a PDF from Rackham Press website, still have it. I also have a .txt file of it. This is a great anthology, there is also Ken MacLeod's story there which I have not seen anywhere else. Thanks for...
  • Commented on On the Great Filter, existential threats, and griefers
    Paul McAuley, Little Lost Robot. Although in that story "Griefer" culture sent the material destroyer itself, not the seed-egg-recipe, but it was somewhat self-sustaining and self-repairing, in some degree....
  • Commented on Ask the Author
    Suggest Laundry Book 11 "At Worlds' Ends"....
  • Commented on Ask the Author
    "You killed off Angleton. Did I? I'm not sure." Thank you for this glimmer of hope....
  • Commented on Some thoughts on turning 50
    Happy birthday! Good health and good luck. С днём рождения, мистер Штросс. Please follow Rule #1....
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