Andrew Timson

Andrew Timson

  • Commented on Clickbait spasm: 14 gizmos I used in 2015
    Charlie, what ereader software do you use on iOS? Just the Kindle software (so you can sync to/from the Paperwhite), or have you found something better that's worth losing that?...
  • Commented on Bad puppies, no awards
    What's even more amusing is what they're actually saying once you decode the acronym. It's basically "hey, you! You're actually trying to be a reasonably decent human being! You should be ashamed of yourself for that!". i think there's an...
  • Commented on CMAP: "Why can't I find audio editions of your books in the UK?"
    Jumping back a little bit, but Downpour's "less nasty DRM" plays out pretty simply: you buy the book, and you download either MP3 files or an M4B file (AAC with bookmarks), both DRM-free. Not quite as convenient for me as...
  • Commented on Cover Reveal
    I tend to disagree that there's ever a good time to blow dust off a series design - I prefer my shelf looking consistent, thank you. But you're also not marketing to me since I'm already sold on buying it,...
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