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Jules Jones

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    No, Greg, women's personal income being treated under income tax law as belonging to their husband right into the 1990s was *not* custom and practice, or individual judges, it was the law of the land, and there was a massive...
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    Lack of a separate legal/financial identity went away so recently in UK law that when I started my post-uni job I would have been obliged to declare most of my income to my hypothetical husband, because my husband was legally...
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    As Pigeon says somewhere up above, the sort of people who post this sort of rant to random blogs are the sort of people who take things *very* literally, including biblical metaphors using shagging as an easy shorthand for other...
  • Commented on Constitutional crisis ahoy!
    A kind soul has set up the SecondPetition twitterbot, whose purpose in life is to report every five minutes the current number of signatures on the petition. Currently running at about 5k signatures every five minutes....
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    Being sick is a disciplinary offence - you're stealing paid time from your employer. Being sick because you're stressed doubly so - your employer has provided well-being information, including the leaflet on the need for you to get plenty of...
  • Commented on Second childhood?
    I love Oglaf so much I'm considering paying shipping from the US to have a hardcopy. But I love The Young Protectors so very much that I supported the Kickstarter for the first print volume at a fairly high level,...
  • Commented on Inverted realities
    Two weeks on, and I'm still giggling at the thought of the look on your co-panellists' faces less than a minute into the panel when you came out with this little gem. :-)...
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