• Commented on The gathering crisis
    It's not a helpful comment at all, but boy am I glad to have left the UK in 2013. The writing was already on the wall, but nobody wanted to hear about it. At the time it was easy for...
  • Commented on Normal service will be resumed eventually
    My condolences....
  • Commented on The Day After
    IMHO... Tragic part #1 is that this is still being blamed on "racists". It's got nothing to do with that, I think, except that they often overlap with a group along another divider line: those who benefit from globalism, and...
  • Commented on Nom de Teleport
    Oh, and this is particularly bad: supposedly replicators use too low resolution to produce organic tissue, yet are perfectly capable of producing organic meals without any loss of nutrition. It hurts a little......
  • Commented on Nom de Teleport
    It's always bothered me in Star Trek that the transporter was capable of scanning an entire being, storing and forwarding that information, and re-assembling the person afterwards without flaws. Then there's the TNG episode with Scotty, which demonstrates that being...
  • Commented on Magic systems and my world building process
    Not because I particularly love it, but because it's an interesting take on magic systems, I should mention https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L._E._Modesitt_Jr.#The_Saga_of_Recluce_.28internal_chronological_order.29 In a strange way, magic is described as a knack for bringing a little extra order or entropy into the world...
  • Commented on Who Got Fantasy in My Science Fiction?
    Apologies if I mention something that's already been said. I skimmed most answers, but there's a lot of them by now. ShadowRun: had the same thought. It really falls squarely into multiple categories, if you want categories at all. The...
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