• Commented on Unforeseen Consequences and that 1929 vibe
    I think you're absolutely right (about this being an attempt to subvert state currency) - and we've seen this model happen in recent history - in Cyprus, and, I think, in Greece. BTC spiked in those two cases, immediately prior...
  • Commented on Unforeseen Consequences and that 1929 vibe
    simple fix (for now) everyone. Go to your /etc/hosts file, as an administrative user, and add the line: coinhive.com Every request by software on your computer, whether you know it's running or not, that tries do download a block...
  • Commented on What else can you do with a Big Dumb Booster?
    Ooooh! I'm thinking there will be a market for personal a-sat launchers. Can't say that an orbital billboard wont be an easy target to hit. We didn't just spend the last decade honing spam filters and adblock browser extensions for...
  • Commented on Thoughtcrime
    I well understand the various modes in which Democracy can produce sub-optimal results. But it is still, quite beyond my fathoming, what exactly happened in this last election. How could such an extreme minority win so big in a national...
  • Commented on The Evil Business Plan of Evil (and misery for all)
    My opposition to the idea of SDV's has always been derived from my experience at witnessing the birth and childhood of cable television. At first it was; "Oh, the picture quality is so much better, and rural folks can get...
  • Commented on The Ultimate Tech Frontier: Your Brain
    " What if you could transmit not just images, sounds, and the like, but emotions? Intellectual concepts?" My God!! It's full of Ads! yeah, back in 1986, nobody saw THAT coming, for the Internet. . ....
  • Commented on Who Got Fantasy in My Science Fiction?
    I don't think that the actual trappings and tools of the mythological architecture of a story are really all that important. What always rubbed me the wrong way about certain fantasy genre; is that "magic" is a very convenient tool...
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