Ken Kennedy

Ken Kennedy

  • Commented on A message from our sponsors: New Book coming!
    You make me so...very happy! :) Been waiting for this one for awhile!...
  • Commented on Public appearances in a time of pandemic
    JBS @ 24: They CANCELLED the ACC Men's Basketball Tournament! CANCELLED IT!!! Florida State? ??? Yep, this is crazy time, Duke earlier today and Kansas just within the past hour or so cancelled all sporting activities by their teams...
  • Commented on Attention Conservation Notice
    Christ on a crutch, Charlie...this excerpt is both awesome and also making me beyond paranoid!! The 4am Boston incident is insane! Pre-ordered, sir...can't wait to finish it!...
  • Commented on Maneuvers in the Dark
    FWIW, here's the direct link to Scalzi's post:
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