• Commented on The internet of decay
    And some of them will refuse to work unless you let them. What's the betting that the ones that are most stubborn about "needing" internet access are also the ones that least require it. Like mouse software that refuses to...
  • Commented on The internet of decay
    Things that can detect some types of bad, or at least dubious, code do exist, though they aren't perfect (and can't be). However, this requires willingness to spend the time and money setting one up, learning to use it, and...
  • Commented on Eleven Tweets
    Congratulations: you just drove teachers, doctors, lawyers, and everyone else who maintains a work/personal separation for professional reasons right off the internet for good. You also fucked over women trying to get away from abusive exes stalking their online identity,...
  • Commented on Rise Of The Trollbot
    Hee, 182 comments and nobody's noticed one further use for bots that can pass as human: Giving your otherwise unused facebook account to an easily-herded bot that fills it with bland, inoffensive posts, with just enough data gleaned from the...
  • Commented on Two Thoughts
    I think the "seventy percent of communication is non-verbal" people may be right. The ones that think that most of that seventy percent is body language, tones of voice, and the other things that neither of us parse very well...
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