• Commented on Why I barely read SF these days
    The funny thing about Ancient Rome is that culturally it's probably a lot closer to today than any of the periods since then. The Medieval world had some very odd (by our standards) ideas about things like business and moneylending,...
  • Commented on Paging Agent 007
    I love the idea of Sir Clive Sinclair as engineer of mind implants. Of course, given the tendency of Sir Clive's inventions to catch fire or explode you have to wonder about the intelligence of someone who would affect it...
  • Commented on The sudden eruption of news
    That's actually one thing that I (again, neither British nor American) don't understand about Brexit. It's totally understandable that (a subset of) people in the US want to go back to the late 50s, when Ike was in the white...
  • Commented on The sudden eruption of news
    I can't possibly see the US signing a trade deal by July. The UK maybe; something can be rammed through with a "take it or leave it". On the US side a trade deal involves a huge, complicated set of...
  • Commented on The sudden eruption of news
    Re the "punish" comments: So, as a non-UK, non European (and therefore mostly neutral, accept I have a lot of friends in the UK and are sad for their future, but OTOH I'm looking forward to having some nice cheap...
  • Commented on A game of consequences
    Re creches, the Spartans solved the "can't sleep with my siblings" problem by getting them at 7 and keeping girls and boys separate, and not letting them meet until adolescence. I've seen claims that they deliberately had the girls and...
  • Commented on The paranoid style in 2016
    Looking long term, the interesting thing about all this is the wild card that is Global Warming. It's not clear that Phoenix will even be livable in 30-40 years, Miami will be under water at some point and there's going...
  • Commented on The paranoid style in 2016
    For those pointing out the west, on a more optimistic style look at Colorado. Colorado is more libertarian, but in a good way; even as someone who's probably more a traditional leftist, having lived in Colorado I'd be fine if...
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