• Commented on Yet another novel I will no longer write
    Terrifyingly clever. As a devoted reader and neurologist I’m sad I’ll never get to read this book. (As a physician I’m even more upset about the reason why.) FWIW, even a bricked (or in our era, infected) DBS can often...
  • Commented on The paranoid style in 2016
    The main obstacle to a Clinton/Sanders ticket is actuarial. As the order of presidential succession goes Prez-->VP-->Speaker of the House, I'm pretty sure a lot of DNC folks would balk at putting Paul Ryan 3rd in line after a couple...
  • Commented on The paranoid style in 2016
    I like an apocalyptic conspiracy as much as the next left-wing netizen, but I also well remember the stories in 2008 about how "Cheney will never relinquish power" or warning that Diebold would see to it that Obama's votes disappeared...
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