• Commented on Tentative hypothesis
    It depends on what you're doing and what you are used to. If I'm a framing carpenter, I'll be using a framing hammer for most things, even itty bitty nails. Even within framing hammers, there are lots of variations. A...
  • Commented on Someone please sack the script-writers
    Sun stopped making workstations before Oracle bought them....
  • Commented on New Book Week!
    Where can I buy it in epub (in the US) that doesn't have the DRM on it? Every book on B&N has it and wants to only be on Nook. I use FBreader which doesn't have DRM on it. I'd...
  • Commented on Follow the money: Apple vs. the FBI
    I've never liked bio-metrics for authentication. If you're using fingerprints or some kind of DNA, you're leaving copies of your key every where you touch. Someone has used a lifted fingerprint to compromise the iPhone 5s and 6. https://blog.lookout.com/blog/2014/09/23/iphone-6-touchid-hack For...
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