• Commented on Oh, 2022!
    Even worse for those times is that it this is just the station to station times and doesn't factor in the actual (home) door to (office) door travel time....
  • Commented on A serious question
    Yeah, Joe Casey did it with Full Moon Fever as well....
  • Commented on Story time!
    I need to ask: what was up with Tony Stark, the genocidal maniac who everyone thinks is a good guy because after making billions being the bad guy he repents? (I've always found that hilarious and tragic in real-life and...
  • Commented on Publishing: A Slice of Life
    There is one other reason for a publishing firm (like any creative firm) to scream about phishing and hacking attempts for books: they may well have insurance on a book tanking. Now, regardless of the book being good or bad,...
  • Commented on New Book Week!
    That book looks brilliant - ta for the heads-up....
  • Commented on New Book Week!
    Amazon may not be ideal for everyone, but there's no disputing the convenience of having a Kindle - either as an app or as a physical device. I vastly prefer a book I can hold but, as I hate throwing...
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