• Commented on Bread and Circuses (circumlunar version)
    >>And when are we going to see the movie version of Footfall? I. WANT. IT. NOW. Footfall, I don't have anything for you, but how about Ringworld? Courtesy of Jeff Bezos: (Oh and Snowcrash and Lazarus, which I had...
  • Commented on Bread and Circuses (circumlunar version)
    >> Isp of existing ones (Xenon, I believe) are around 600-700, compared to the 380-450 of current leading chemical/cryogen rockets I think, perhaps, you might have conflated NTRs, which do tend to run in the high hundreds to perhaps 1,000sec...
  • Commented on Houston: what are the long-term consequences?
    >Chesty Puller was a very famous US Marine General. Not especially a nice person. But in the mid-thirties, some industrialists in the US really didn't like what FDR was doing... and actually talked to him about a real, honest-to-Ghu coup....
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