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  • Commented on Brexit! Means! Brexit!
    Absolutely true. But we're past comment #300, so plausibility is not a concern anymore. I did want to point out that most "white" people in the USA aren't from the UK or Ireland. If not for WWI, much of the...
  • Commented on Brexit! Means! Brexit!
    All the suggestions so far have been on how to make the UK's parting with the EU work. But what if there wasn't an EU? Rather than worry about leaving the EU, the Brexiteers should look at ways to make...
  • Commented on Brexit! Means! Brexit!
    What to do with the 1.2 million UK citizens living in other EU Countries? You don't want them back, because that will make things even worse at home than they already are. For one thing, they've already exhibited questionable loyalty...
  • Commented on Happy Halloween!
    I very much enjoyed the latest installment. Being able to get the USA to forget the president for a week or two would be a huge improvement on the current situation. One minor quibble is using the call sign WOCZ...
  • Commented on That sinking feeling
    Whenever I hear nostalgia for old systems of measurement, I'm reminded of the Mars Climate Orbiter. If I remember correctly, NASA gave thrust specifications in Newtons, while Lockheed used Foot-Pounds.
  • Commented on Canned Monkeys Don't Ship Well, the Remix Version
    My question about shipping humans far away for a long time is more cultural than technological. Let's assume that all the STL magic works and your generation ship arrives at its destination. You have a a ship crewed by people...
  • Commented on Happy 21st Century!
    Let's think about how water is used in California, 80% for agriculture, 20% urban use. The majority of the scenarios you describe would devastate the major agricultural regions (San Joaquin and Central Valley), leaving southern California, with 50+% of the...
  • Commented on Happy 21st Century!
    If desalination comes to California, it'll be done by local municipalities that don't have access to state water supplies. Santa Barbara built a desalination plant in the 1990s that they mothballed as soon as that drought ended in 1992. They...
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