• Commented on Happy Halloween!
    This timeline is already regrettably familiar with the American ambassador of The Laundry's timeline, under a different role. And then there's the Alfärs' timeline, and the Coldiverse from Book 1, and then you've got the multiple timelines from Merchant Prince:...
  • Commented on Happy Halloween!
    After Jon's audience with the PM was glossed over, I was surprised when no deus burst out of her machina towards the end of the book. But I'm picking up a disturbing pattern in the Mandate's behaviour - first with...
  • Commented on The Labyrinth Index: sneak preview!
    Not sure if this has been asked before, but is The Mandate / Black Pharaoh the same Nyarlathotep that Bob nearly summoned when he first caught the eye of the Laundry? I've kind of retconned it in my head as...
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