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    My deepest sympathies. Both of my parents died at relatively young ages. 30 some years on the holes they left in my life are still there if not as sharp edged as they once were. Take your time and grieve,...
  • Commented on CMAP #16: Book Title Blues
    I understand why the publishers want a series title, but if I see book one of the ... series/cycle/trilogy/infinitad from an author I haven't heard of I tend to skip past it. It's probably due to being stationed in Germany...
  • Commented on Three pieces of news about the Laundry Files (UPDATED!)
    Congratulations on the Hugo nomination....
  • Commented on Someone please cancel 2019 already?
    Both jurors and drafted soldiers are compelled to serve by the state. That they may get paid doesn't change that. This case on the draft doesn't mention pay as reason for holding that the conscription law doesn't violate the 13th...
  • Commented on Someone please cancel 2019 already?
    On the plain reading of the Amendment the answer appears to be yes. However, it is now working its way through the courts in the form of several different lawsuits filed by various government employee unions and some individuals. I...
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