• Commented on No comment necessary
    My sympathies, I've been in the same boat for over 2 years. I have M.E, I have lost my job and have barely left the house in that time. It is shit. If Covid does a similar thing to a...
  • Commented on "It'll all be over by Christmas" (Part 2)
    The point I believe SOTMN is making, is that anti-semitism is again being weaponised. We have seen that with the Labour Party, now with black people. Though of course in this case Wiley actually seems to be an anti-semite. The...
  • Commented on I ain't dead
    For SF film or tv, I would recommend "Children of men". It's that very rare thing, a film that is better than the book. It also has a virus, chaos, right wing idiocy, xenophobia etc. If anyone hasn't seen it,...
  • Commented on "It'll all be over by Christmas"
    Try "Heirs to forgotten kingdoms" by Gerard Russel, all bronze age religions may not have died out! A fascinating book I would recommend to everyone....
  • Commented on So you think you can be a reality TV producer
    I haven't assumed an absolute time, I have assumed two different times. Relative one might say :-)...
  • Commented on So you think you can be a reality TV producer
    A couple of thoughts on the FTL question. One is what if paradoxes can happen. People have been arguing that FTL can't happen because it produces paradoxes, but what if paradoxes can happen? The universe is a strange place, the...
  • Commented on Sucker bet (a thought experiment)
    I feel some of these plans have problems. The ones that involve media or political manipulation will result in such things suddenly becoming a problem and will provide a stick to beat anyone aligned with your opinion (see George Soros)....
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