cicely (Inadvertent Phytocidal Maniac)

cicely (Inadvertent Phytocidal Maniac)

  • Commented on Quantum of Nightmares: spoiler time!
    From up in 239: "Having a PM who is an explicit inhuman horror is fine, yes, but why would doing basically human organizational stuff be a thing for them? Or is it more like a hobby?" I dunno...but Performing Bureaucracy...
  • Commented on Book day!
    As Cassie and Mo are on the run from Schiller's Big Party, Cassie says---about the isopods---something along the lines of, "Those are the monsters that attacked my world!", and thought that they had followed her father and the Host from...
  • Commented on A small research question
    Who knows what Eeeeevil artificially-installed RNA-bits could be lurking within the DNA of every living thing that has evolved since the last time The Stars Were Right? And how those bits may have strayed, on a species-by-species basis, since The...
  • Commented on The Curse of Laundry
    It's the Observer Effect at work. You looked at it too hard, so...poof!...the superposition has to pick a state and stick with it. :D...
  • Commented on Coming next July
    Such a long time 'til July. Sadness....
  • Commented on The sound of silence
    A never-ending supply of Laundry novels, of as high quality as the ones already released, would be beyond wonderful....
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