• Commented on Invisible Sun: Themes and Nightmares
    Why do you think that? Job specs for those sort of jobs (avowed and nonavowed) are online and your signing the official secrets act or equivalent....
  • Commented on Invisible Sun: Themes and Nightmares
    Hanslope park aka HMGCC (as mentioned in the laundry files) advertise jobs on buses in the Bedford / Milton Keynes area....
  • Commented on On inappropriate reactions to COVID19
    Not quite so shure, in the heyday of council houses it wasn't the poorest in society that had access to them, really poor people lived in slums or "summer lane" And based on conversations with my parents if you did...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: Dead Lies Dreaming
    Of course you would then be denounced by the other socialists as a "mere trade unionist or gasp or an "Economic Marxist" I'me kind of assuming we are around the time of the fourth congress of the Second International....
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Labyrinth Index
    That use of table not in my UK experience from many years experience at TU conferences and serving on SOC / CBC committee. Its a procedural to punt something of the order paper into the long grass....
  • Commented on Dead Lies Dreaming: Spoilers
    Yeh the original PSI rules for DND(1st edition) where broken. Telekinises was defined as acceleration and it was concentration with no upper limit - so I can accelerate a javelin to high speeds and throw it at a dragon. of...
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