• Commented on Summer webcomics
    "Apocamon The Book of Revelation, in Manga format, as God intended. Clearly Patrick Farley is going to burn in the eternal lake of fire for all eternity, and so am I for enjoying this." This is a great comic. Unfortunately...
  • Commented on Starship bloopers
    All this talk of climate change and SF and no mention of Kim Stanley Robinson? Climate change has been at least a background element of his work since the 1990's with his Pacific Edge and Mars trilogy novels; was the...
  • Commented on Because I am bored ...
    Re #1 - the answer is easy and clear. Three receivers (the part actually tracked by SN per federal regulation) = three "guns". B - Look up "80% lowers" - this for example: By itself, unmodified, completely unusable as...
  • Commented on Central Banking on Mars!
    All of that about Switzerland. You could have your assault rifle at home, but it came with a spam can of ammo. You are held accountable for every round, and if it was open, you better have a very good...
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