Haydon Berrow

Haydon Berrow

  • Commented on Decision Fatigue
    Bus passes are issued by local councils with photo id you provide. Railcards are issued by National Rail with photo id you provide. My bus pass has a photo taken at a government office by an employee with her...
  • Commented on Decision Fatigue
    in the UK, New voter ID laws discriminate against young people (old peoples' bus passes are acceptable at polling stations, but young persons' railcards are not) To be fair, bus passes are photo-ids issued by government, rail-passes are non-photo...
  • Commented on Necroqueen!
    OK. Hoyle's statement was gross hyperbole but if we take 'the world' as a metonym for modern humans how should we measure the importance of an event and what are everyone's top 10 candidates? I ran out of imagination after...
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